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What is smartTONi?

smartTONi is a catering system that will make your commercial kitchen more efficient and effective. It makes food production simple and intuitive for anybody, so you can deliver quality meals time after time, independent of your staff’s experience. The result? Exceptional kitchen and happy customers.

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Everybody can cook

smartTONi provides every individual cook with a list of tasks that will contribute towards the preparation of the meal. It is updated in real time, dependent on incoming orders, with a constantly refreshing list of tasks. That means that everyone working in the kitchen knows what they need to do, and can deliver their simple action that contributes towards the overall meal.

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Consistent food quality guaranteed

By standardising approaches and ensuring that everyone in the kitchen knows what they need to do and how to do it, you ensure that every meal is top quality, regardless of who is working and which kitchen they are in. Every cook has a simple task to do, which means that they can focus on it and deliver it to the best standards. Quality is maintained across all meals – keeping the customer happy.

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Data informs decisions

Owners and chefs can manage all of their staff and kitchens centrally and in real time, coordinating, supporting and supervising operations, regardless of location. Managers can analyse performance data, food quality and costs, helping to increase transparency and improve the bottom line.

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What it takes

smartTONi is the efficient and effective tool that you need to deliver quality and consistency in your kitchens. To start you only need:

  • Recipes and processes
  • A kitchen
  • A crew
  • Android devices
  • smartTONi


For kitchens with up to 2 cooks


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For kitchens with more than 2 cooks

58 CHF per cook per month

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Connect your systems and devices

smartTONi is the daily assistant for your kitchen team. Integrate all the information you want to make available to your crew into the process.

smartTONi's open architecture allows you to interact with all your equipment and systems and integrate them into the Task Operation Network.

Contact us if you want to connect your system to smartTONi.

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Can I test smartTONi?

Sure! Get in touch with us and will determine the best way to test it for you.

How long does it take for smartTONi to be operational on my end?

It depends on the complexity of your catering concept, but it can take as less a half a working day before you can start using smartTONi operationally.

Do my cooks need a training to be able to use smartTONi?

No, smartTONi is very simple to use . We will provide you with some tips & tricks.

Which restaurant and menu types is smartTONi suitable for?

smartTONi is available for all restaurant types (Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Fast Casual, Quick Service, Pub, Bar etc.) as well as for all menu types (Pizza, Hamburger, Grill, Mexican, Asian, European etc.)

With which POS / ERP systems can smartTONi be integrated?

smartTONi integrates seamlessly with any POS and can interface with most ERP systems. Contact us for additional information.