Consistent food quality guaranteed

Consistent quality is crucial to building your concept, to building your brand and to win and keep customers. With smartTONi you define the detailed preparation of your menu with ingredients and processes down to the last detail.

Your cooks receive the preparation instructions both as manual and in real time exactly as defined. Deviations are evaluated both in terms of time and quality so that you can improve the quality together with the chefs. Doesn’t matter how complex is the menu, doesn’t matter who is in the kitchen, doesn’t matter where the venue is located: smartTONi ensures the production process is identical – everywhere, always.

Are you growing through selling your catering concept (e.g. franchising) and have to make sure service and food quality is consistent? smartTONi helps you to reduce time and efforts for ongoing food quality control. Ensure consistent food quality with smartTONi!