Everybody can cook

Anyone can cook with smartTONi. The Task Operation Network assigns each cook individual tasks in real time to focus on.

Each task can be detailed by further steps, so that even beginners can find their way around the kitchen immediately. Both preparation instructions and ingredients are visible.

The cook can interact via voice interface, so he has his hands to work with. smartTONi manages the cooking times so that the necessary experience is kept to a minimum.

With smartTONi, every staff member in the kitchen can use his strengths. Chefs can focus on the menu creation and development, on the quality control of the kitchen outcome, on serving better the customers. They don’t waste time for routine work or coaching less experienced staff.

Solve the shortage of kitchen staff! Employment of unqualified cooks allows you to be always full staffed with reasonable cost. Covering peak times with untrained staff improves your flexibility and performance.