What is smartTONi?

smartTONi enables digital catering. The intelligent task operation network takes orders from the floor, and calculates the ideal sequence of tasks to get those meals delivered. By breaking down complex recipes into simple steps, it makes serving meals easy. It’s like a personal assistant for chefs – but one that keeps customer experience at the forefront.

The system calculates the optimal task order in real time and communicates the steps required to all cooks individually via a personal device. They can get to work to produce the best experience for customers immediately.

smartTONi can support your catering business to be the very best, by enabling you to deliver great food with the most efficient use of resources. The smart system puts you in control. Chefs don’t waste time coordinating and coaching, they can do what they do best: wow the customers.

Standardize your food quality across all kitchens and restaurants, ensuring that every dish is identical. Every burger will be the same, and your spaghetti will taste as your customers always enjoy.

Utilise resources in the most productive and efficient way, maximising output whilst minimising effort. No more idle time or stressed workers.

Enable staff of all skills and experience to contribute towards food preparation, from brand new kitchen helpers, a cleaning woman or workmate from the service to cover peak times, to the most senior chef. Your kitchen hands can prep the sauce, and your head chef cook the perfect steak.

Manage your kitchens remotely and in real time, through responsive data systems and a central portal. Keep everyone up to date, from your home office.

Manage efficiently the HACCP compliance logging. Guide and enforce user workflows and checks, manage exceptions and create audit trails.

Grow your business with a flexible offer that responds to seasonal changes or events, due to the ease of implementing menu changes. Get new potatoes on the menu in spring, make the most of strawberries in June, and put on a brilliant menu for Halloween.

Keep communication streamlined and speedy, making sure the right instructions get to the right person at the right time. Avoid misunderstandings because of language knowledge – the system translates your catering concept to any possible language.

Plan in advance your regular kitchen tasks scheduled in at optimum times, and making sure that suitable food and staff are available for busier periods. Minimise efforts by using the intelligent system which learns from historic data and past performance.

Monitor performance of your employees, through the analytics and data. Celebrate strong successes with a bottle of something nice, and provide extra training where needed.

Optimise your menu with full cost calculation. Ingredient costs are essential, but people are the biggest cost factor in catering. See what time exactly a cook invests in fulfilment of every separately dish and calculate your real costs per dish.

Reduce cost for quality checks by getting full transparency in any kitchen connected to your smartTONi. You can track any single working task and create logging for internal or external compliance.