What it takes

smartTONi is the efficient and effective tool that you need to deliver quality and consistency in your kitchens.

  • Recipes and processes either share your own recipes and processes or use options from our predefined library.
  • A kitchen with smartTONi there‚Äôs no need for changes or new installations. Everything can be used as it is and it can be included into the smartTONi processes.
  • A crew your whole team of chefs, cooks, the kitchen helpers or a workmate from the service in peak times, all at different skill levels, can get involved in food preparation. While your chefs can concentrate on the artistic skills of menu creation, unexperienced staff can do the routine jobs.
  • Android devices every chef needs their own personal device through which to receive instructions.
  • smartTONi


For kitchens with up to 2 cooks


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For kitchens with more than 2 cooks

58 CHF per cook per month

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